Smart Irrigation Trends

By now we’ve all made some updates to make our irrigation systems smarter, i.e. rain sensors, but here are a few of the latest trends in technological innovation that we should all be aware of:  EPA Watersense Technologies

Smart Controllers, which use either historical or real-time weather information to adjust watering schedules and times are helping consumers conserve water use. The latest controllers from several smaller manufacturers (Cyber-Rain, Rachio, Blossom, Skydrop, Rainmachine, Signature, Bluespray and Hydropoint) are  wifi enabled to allow changes in scheduling from your smartphone or tablet, and remote activation for running manual zone testing. Many of these controllers also use their internet signal to obtain current and forecasted weather conditions and are able to change the watering program accordingly. For additional information on these controllers please read: Tired of Wasting Water. We are still waiting to see if the major manufacturers (Rain Bird and Hunter) catch-on to this trend and start incorporating weather data instead of having sensors and weather stations do the work. **2017 Update, We are now offering Hunter’s Hydrawise Controllers, which are wifi enabled to utilize past and future weather data and limit over watering.

Drip Irrigation is taking over as a more efficient means of delivering water to any medium. Overhead watering is susceptible to evaporation and wind, so drip is being more widely utilized for watering both turf and plants. Hunter is now manufacturing a dripline called Ecomat, wrapped in fleece it’s designed to be buried under soil and turf.20150813_151029

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